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18 December 2010 @ 06:54 pm
What is up my livejournal friends? I haven't posted in forever, in fact I've tried to post multiple times in that forever scheme of time, and while I was writing the entry I realized that I did like to sound like I was bragging about my life, or not really saying anything worth updating, so I would just close out my browser and go on to troll ontd or whatever. Well not today folks! I am at work, and am caught up on most of my closing duties, so here is an update...

1. School. This semester in Nursing School was definitely the hardest I've ever had to go through. The amount of work and studying attention required most of my time. And most of my free time was spent preparing for the next exam. I ended up getting B's, which restores me to Dean's List, and considering an A in the nursing program is a 100-92, B being 91-85...I feel pretty damn good about this semester. The things I learned, all the hands on experience I got in the hospital should stick with me all the way to my first year as an RN (which is just a year and a half away). Honestly people, the thing they drilled into us most was the best way to avoid getting chronic illnesses is to eat health, exercise, and stop smoking. Next semester I am in psych rotation. Which means I'll be going to different outpatient/inpatient clinics in the area and talking to people. That's all I'm gonna be doing...talking. Kind of sucks that I won't be able to pass meds and do assessments, but whatever, then it's summer after that!

2. Work. Still at Quiznos. Still a very under paid manager. However my schedule next week is pretty balling so no complaints at the moment. They always work with me with school, and have been loyal for over 5 years. No one is really a friend anymore, I mean the people left are work friendly friends, but no true true friends. I don't have drama with anyone, I just don't really care for these people outside of the work force.

3. Shaine. Oh man I love that man so much. We have downs, but it ain't too hard for it to be brought up. Going almost 2 years strong, consecutively of course, and yeahh. He's special. I told him last night that I was never truly myself until we got into our routine with each other. He allows me to feel great about myself being exact who I am. My potty mouth, my weirdness, and my heart are all loved by his beautiful soul. I really couldn't ask for more in the boyfriend department, maybe a ring but that's gotta wait.

4. I don't know if anyone saw my beautiful picture with Bryan Greenberg, but we (Rebecca/Shaine/Me) went to a show of his in Nashville this past Thursday and hot dayum, Bryan is so tall and handsome IRL. I mean he is on tv/movies but he really is beautiful in person. Jesus. I really was so giddy. Everytime he'd make eye contact with me during the show, I would have to avert my eyes because ahh I'm sure I was blushing the whole night. If you want to know anything do ask! It is so long, but we met him afterwards and talked for at least 15 mins about UNSCRIPTED and Annie Hathaway haha he was so sweet and very engaging. Jeez I was fangirling on the inside.

That's all for now people, I feel the need to continue updating day to day with at least a little something. I miss this, but I don't think my life is exciting enough for me to tell about my daily activities. Not that it was any more interesting when I was 16 and felt the need to update 3+ times a day, it's just the point of maturing I think. It seems so conceded to write about yourself all damn day. And I am so not worth that anymore. Have a good weekend beautiful people!
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Serialbatheraserialbathera on December 19th, 2010 05:29 am (UTC)
I am glad to hear everything is going so well :)
serenidad: londonserenidad on December 20th, 2010 02:32 am (UTC)
oh my! he hasn't changed at all! still beautiful as ever.


tell me more about this conversation you had with him!! omg, i've just turned into my 16 year old self and am completely fangirling right now.