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12 February 2013 @ 12:04 am
Shaine had to leave to go back to TN today. I rode with him down to the street from the parking garage, and said goodbye to Dexter, turned to say goodbye to him and he had tears in his eyes. It was the sweetest most heartbreaking thing I've experienced with him in a long time. He isn't one to cry or get upset easy, his emotions tend to ride in the calm middle approach. To see him upset about having to leave me, it broke my heart. I wasn't too upset about him going, he had an interview today that went real well and he has so many more opportunities here in Atlanta than he did in Clarksville. The whole event reaffirmed for me, that this is the boy I want to marry. What a sweet, loving, enduring, caring individual I will build a life with. I couldn't be happier.
30 December 2012 @ 12:54 am
Since my last entry, things have remained quite static with occasional blimps of interesting spikes on the Katie life radar. Shaine and I visited Atlanta around Dec 15th for my paperwork signing and apartment hunting. Paperwork wasn't ready, which was okay...sort of. I am such a worry wart though, seriously I worry about crossing 3 lanes of traffic and plan my car driving route avoiding things as such, and started worrying about whether or not I was meant to be hired. I finally got an email back recently and there was no sense of mess up in the email or with the lady in person at the career center who took my information., she seemed to give me reassurance that nothing funny was going on. I just need to hear back about what exact floor I am working on to feel absolutely 100% safe. Like I said, theres probably no worry to my worry, BUT this is how I deal with things. Shaine and I found THE apartment as well during our hunt. We also made friends with a guy who worked at Promove, which is this free program that you can use that takes what you want, and your price range for a place and gives you options. I mean Promove didn't help us find the place we ended up finding, but the guy gave us some great tips/hints about areas to stick to, and tricks to use (i.e. say you are going to be a healthcare professional during your tours). The place we ended up picking, Shaine found so you know he was ultimately super proud of that. We went to this one prior to the one that I thought I was already settled with determined by online reviews etc, however the one I was after so diligently treated us pretty poorly during our tour and the price for the quality wasn't up to par as the one Shaine found. The two things that mean the most to me besides being in our price range for hopefully a 2 bedroom is safety and close proximity to the hospital in case something was to go wrong with my 2001 Kia Sportage as my father won't be in a jiffy close distance to save the day. Fingers crossed nothing has been wrong with it for over 8 months, but still, my dad is Mr Fix/Save me in a crisis and he won't be easily accessible as he is now. The apartment we chose has key card access to everything in the building, you must go in the building to get to your apartments front door, AND all the apartments come standard with an alarm code. And its' around 2 miles from the apartment to the hospital, which is great, and its also besides a nursing care facility as well as a suburban area with well kept house surrounding it. I mean I may have rose colored glasses on, but so far I am so relived/happy with our choice of apartment. Plus we decided together, and we were completely convinced after shopping around. We move on February 1st! 5 weeks away to the day.   

Christmas was the best Christmas I've ever had ever. But I am tired and will write more on it on a later date. 
01 April 2012 @ 09:06 pm
What is up. BEDA (Blog EveryDay in April) is upon us as it is now April 1st. After reading miss Laura's livejournal as I do sometimes, I was reminded about this monthly challenge and I thought to myself that it is possible for me. School is starting to wind down, responsibilities are beginning to not weight as much, and you know what why not. So this is my attempt into trying to blog every day in April. Since this is just day one, and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of things are starting/finishing for my little life in this world. Instead of trying to tackle everything the first day, I mean I do have 30 here, I am going to take it slowly. Here is a slight overview of the 2 important life changes coming forward from now.
-Graduating from Austin Peay with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing on May 4th, 2012.
-Engagement to Shaine that occurred on March 3rd, 2012 in London, United Kingdom on the famous Abbey Road. Wedding planning has slightly begun, mostly just me being freaked out over money or so happy to the point of tears because this is really going to be happening.

Lots of things are going to be changing. I'll hopefully be moving out in the next few months with Shaine, saving for a rustic country wedding, finding a position as an RN at a hospital (hopefully in the CCU/Step-down and I would even take Medical/Surgical floor). I'll leave you all with some pictures, there is a chicken-bacon ranch pizza calling to me (back on the diet/exercise tomorrow). For now I will leave you with some pictures and a video:

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23 November 2011 @ 09:05 pm
I'm avoiding studying. It makes me so mad that our professors assigned a test two weeks after our last one and more importantly the Monday after Thanksgiving when it is the last day the course. There is another 3 days that our class could meet before the end of semester final days of the University. I just can't concentrate. I worked 3 12 hour shifts this weekend, and now I'm supposed to study my brain off? I just couldn't do it today. I tried my best and fell asleep. I'm hoping to find some sort of motivation here in the next day or two.

Besides that stressful stuff, my parents well my mother to be more specific our relationship has fallen apart. I think I'm holding onto a lot of resentment towards her. I feel like she only wants a relationship with me if it is her way. I'm not sure of how to explain it. My parents won't suspend their acceptance and love for me for what I really want to do. I feel like they only look at the things I'm not doing instead of the ones that I am. Shaine and I have been talking about possibly moving together once we graduate. I don't want to work at the main hospital in Clarksville, Nashville has a lot of big magnet hospitals that I would want to try out. Shaine has been looking at an opportunity in Knoxville for a teaching position that would include a free tuition ride for his doctorate at UT Knox. I've already told him that where ever he goes I will follow. That sounds almost submissive, but it's not. I am in this life with him as my partner and I wouldn't want to be apart from him. Well okay so where my mother/parents come in, they do not want me to move in with Shaine. If him and I are both relocating to a city where we will know no one and are trying to save money for our wedding, does it make much sense to live separately? No it doesn't. My parents argument is that I should go ahead and get married. No. No. No. I want a wedding, Its my life and I want a wedding. Have always, will always. Shaine and I have no money for a wedding right now. No money for one. I'm just ugh. Frustrated. Shaine and I's relationship is growing and blooming as nature will have it be. I feel pulled to him, and him to I, so this whole play like we've only been dating for a short time and live apart is just crap to me. Its super crap. I just no no no. My mom even said today that if Shaine and I did that, my father probably won't come to my wedding....... sick. Srsly, I'm about to tear up.

I understand, its makes some sense, but they'll never be able to let it go. Nothings gonna change my world.
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06 November 2011 @ 12:18 pm
I haven't posted in so long, and all of my fun paid for livejournal stuff is about to run out. I feel compelled to write something. I am so stressed out, I can cry at the drop of a hat. Or maybe it's just because all my hormone levels are dropping as I am about to start my monthly lady time.

I'm going to graduate in hopefully May...that is so soon. I will be an official BSN RN in about a month after that if I pass boards which I should considering my school has had 100% pass rate for two years running. I'm so so tired of working my butt off, but it is almost pay off time. I start preceptorship this week. I am paired with a nurse and work with her exclusively for 84 hours to get nursing experience outside a clinical group setting. I'm still waiting on her to contact me back on her schedule. I have a feeling I'll work on my birthday with her (next Sunday). I would just rather knock it out early November and not stress about trying to fit it in. But if I don't work on my birthday, I plan to go see Rebel Without a Cause at the Belcourt.

I'm stressed because everything is going to happen and change in such a short period of time. I worry for my future self and being able to handle everything. Just please send me some positive thoughts, it's all I'm really asking for.
13 April 2011 @ 09:51 am
So many things have changed.
First off, and I guess most importantly, Quiznos shut down this past weekend. The place I've basically grown up at is shutting down. What does this mean for me? I either got to suck it up and get a job elsewhere, or I budget my remaining money for the next few years. The reason the store closed was that it wasn't making any substantial amount of money and the lease is up at the end of April. Steve is giving us severance pay for the whole month of April, I mean I was going to quit at the end of July anyways. Now it is just a matter of what to do. I'm not going to start anything until school is over for this semester, and I will do so just so I can full focus on getting good grades and not being overwhelmed. I'm actually been trying to work ahead, the paperwork load this semester is ugh annoying. But it's almost all over! And then there will be 2 more semesters, and then I'll be a registered nurse! It's finally coming to be a realization that I will be a professional in a little over a year.

Second off, I was so close to getting a nursing internship. I rocked the interview, ROCKED IT! I got a call from the nurse recruiter of the VA hospital two days afterwards who told me that the nurse manager I interviewed in front of wanted her to personally call me and tell me all about how close it was for her to pick between me and another candidate. She tossed a coin, and I didn't get it. It really brought me down, BUT I'm trying to look at it as a good thing. I can interview really well, and do okay with that aspect.

Third off, just kidding, theres really nothing else for changes.
18 December 2010 @ 06:54 pm
What is up my livejournal friends? I haven't posted in forever, in fact I've tried to post multiple times in that forever scheme of time, and while I was writing the entry I realized that I did like to sound like I was bragging about my life, or not really saying anything worth updating, so I would just close out my browser and go on to troll ontd or whatever. Well not today folks! I am at work, and am caught up on most of my closing duties, so here is an update...

1. School. This semester in Nursing School was definitely the hardest I've ever had to go through. The amount of work and studying attention required most of my time. And most of my free time was spent preparing for the next exam. I ended up getting B's, which restores me to Dean's List, and considering an A in the nursing program is a 100-92, B being 91-85...I feel pretty damn good about this semester. The things I learned, all the hands on experience I got in the hospital should stick with me all the way to my first year as an RN (which is just a year and a half away). Honestly people, the thing they drilled into us most was the best way to avoid getting chronic illnesses is to eat health, exercise, and stop smoking. Next semester I am in psych rotation. Which means I'll be going to different outpatient/inpatient clinics in the area and talking to people. That's all I'm gonna be doing...talking. Kind of sucks that I won't be able to pass meds and do assessments, but whatever, then it's summer after that!

2. Work. Still at Quiznos. Still a very under paid manager. However my schedule next week is pretty balling so no complaints at the moment. They always work with me with school, and have been loyal for over 5 years. No one is really a friend anymore, I mean the people left are work friendly friends, but no true true friends. I don't have drama with anyone, I just don't really care for these people outside of the work force.

3. Shaine. Oh man I love that man so much. We have downs, but it ain't too hard for it to be brought up. Going almost 2 years strong, consecutively of course, and yeahh. He's special. I told him last night that I was never truly myself until we got into our routine with each other. He allows me to feel great about myself being exact who I am. My potty mouth, my weirdness, and my heart are all loved by his beautiful soul. I really couldn't ask for more in the boyfriend department, maybe a ring but that's gotta wait.

4. I don't know if anyone saw my beautiful picture with Bryan Greenberg, but we (Rebecca/Shaine/Me) went to a show of his in Nashville this past Thursday and hot dayum, Bryan is so tall and handsome IRL. I mean he is on tv/movies but he really is beautiful in person. Jesus. I really was so giddy. Everytime he'd make eye contact with me during the show, I would have to avert my eyes because ahh I'm sure I was blushing the whole night. If you want to know anything do ask! It is so long, but we met him afterwards and talked for at least 15 mins about UNSCRIPTED and Annie Hathaway haha he was so sweet and very engaging. Jeez I was fangirling on the inside.

Pictures of the night under hurrCollapse )
That's all for now people, I feel the need to continue updating day to day with at least a little something. I miss this, but I don't think my life is exciting enough for me to tell about my daily activities. Not that it was any more interesting when I was 16 and felt the need to update 3+ times a day, it's just the point of maturing I think. It seems so conceded to write about yourself all damn day. And I am so not worth that anymore. Have a good weekend beautiful people!
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07 October 2010 @ 12:13 pm
School has been great. I took a leave of absence really because nursing school has taken over my life. I got really discouraged after getting a C on one test and a D on another. So I took some time, met with my professors, and figured out a new studying strategy for me. And let me say, I have totally made a turn around! On my second pharmacology test I got a 100!! And on my second adult health 2 test, I got a 97! So I think if I just keep doing that change, I should do great this semester.

Clinicals have been okay too. Good patients, and I'm getting more comfortable doing nursing skills.

Shaine is good.

Parents are good.

Brother is good.

I'm so tired to really say anything, but here's the checkup that everything is going pretty darn good.
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22 December 2009 @ 05:40 pm
Hey Hey Hey. Today has just flown by.

I woke up pretty early for a physical exam that I need to get done for Nursing School. I was scared too, I need to have up to date immunizations and I was dreading the needles. After I get there, which BTW I MUST lose weight soon. I feel so huge. Like I could be on The Biggest Loser type of huge. But continuing on, I was up to date on ALL of my immunizations so no needles for Katie today. How great!

I ate lunch with Christin at O'Charley's. They have a new menu and at a great price too! We just talked and caught up on everything. It's nice to have a Shaine, lemme tell you. I would so much rather have someone I am safe with then bouncing back and forth between jerks. After we ate, we just drove around downtown Clarksville and grabbed some ice cream.

I went over to Elizabeth and Stephen's apartment to exchange presents. They LOVED their House calendar, and I got a "All You Need Is Love" tee from them. It's super cute too! Very layer-y.

I love Judge Judy. She is such a fierce bitch. But I don't think I'd ever want to be in her courtroom. And I love Puck/Quinn so much. Check out the new GLEE moodtheme.

Tomorrow is a looooong day at Quiznos. 9 hours :[. But then it's Christmas Eve the next day, and then Christmas!

Why do textbooks have to cost so much money? It's ridiculous. I'm hoping I'll use these books more often, throughout the rest of my courses than I have before. Just it's sad to see $300 go to books and not cute shoes/video games/something I will want to use 24-7.
I guess my family is going to play trivia tonight.
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02 September 2009 @ 01:52 pm
Today didn't start off as a good day, BUT it sure has became one. :].